Best Service Appliance Repair Client Testimonials

Here's a sampling of what some of our customers have to say about Best Service Appliance Repair

Washing Machine in Brooklyn

Appliance Repair and Maintenance Services in Brooklyn

"I can say that so far this is the best service we have ever experienced! We called last week and explained that our washing machine stopped working. The repair man from Best Service Appliance Repair came within few hours, diagnosed the problem quickly and correctly. He had all the proper parts in his truck. Our washing machine is now up and running like new! What a great guy! I highly recommend this company."

Refrigerator in Queens

" Very impressed with Best Service Appliance Repair's flexibility of scheduling the appointment to accomodate me. My working hours are crazy sometimes. Few days ago I came to full disaster at my home, my refrigerator stopped working. The time was already 9:15pm when I came home and realized that. My fridge was full of perishable food and I needed help right away. I called Best Service Appliance Repair. The repairman talked to me over the phone and was able to diagnose the problem over the phone! He came to my place within an hour and the problem was fixed. The guy was courteous and very knowledgable. He gave me some helpfull advice. I put the sticker of this company on my fridge wall, next time I have a problem with any of my home appliances - I know who to call. Best Service Appliance Repair - thanks so much! "

Air Conditioner in Staten Island

Appliance Repair and Maintenance Services in Queens

" I recently bought a house in Brooklyn and was shopping for air conditioners. My house had window units and I was not happy this them. My friend called me over to show me his new Futjitsu ductless Mini Split air conditioning system that he just got installed in his house. He was very happy with the way system worked. I was really impressed. Also I liked the placement of the units since it went well w/ design of the house and that was important for me as well. He said Best Service Appliance Repair did the job. I called them and next day had an appointment w/ the owner, who spent a couple of hours w/ me answering all the questions and that was service charge free! He gave me a design proposal, that we discussed in detail. Within a week the project was completed with success. I do have an Alpine Air at my house now! I do recommend ductless mini split ACs and do recommend Best Service Appliance Repair to handle all the work and design for you. You'll be greatly satisfied, believe me! "

Refrigerator Repair in Brooklyn

" Garry was terrific! That was the guy who fixed my fridge. He saved my life! I just finished major shopping, preparing for my sister's family visit from Boston. I got extremely frustrated when my fridge died on me. I started calling different companies and got overwhelmed w/ service charges they demanded. Also none of them were available after work hours ( it was Friday 7:45 at night). Finally I called Best Service Appliance Repair and spoke to a repairman. The guy showed up within an hour. He diagnosed the problem fast, and got my fridge going again. And I did not have to pay a service charge! It was waved w/ repair. Also I've got 15% senior citizen discount, which I did not even expect. Garry told me that this is a company policy to provide 15% discount to seniors and government workers. I was very happy about that. Great job! Great guy ! Great service! "

Dryer Repair on Staten Island

" I had a gas leak in the basement of my house where my gas dryer is. I was scared to death, since my friend just recently had a fire in her house in NJ and investigators said the fire probably got started from the improper working gas dryer. I called Best Service Appliance Repair with emergency call request. They showed up right away: two very friendly guys, confident, knowledgeable and very professional. They had all the tools with them. The problem was fixed very efficiently. They explained me how to take care of my dryer to ensure it working properly. Thanks so much guys! "

Ductless Mini Split AC Installation in Queens

" I am a new development contractor who has many development projects going on around the city. I have used Best Service Appliance Repair Appliances Services to help me w/new appliances installation as well as ductless mini split air conditioning systems installation on some of my projects. More than happy doing business with them ! Got wholesale prices on new appliances, no service charge on delivery and installation. Friendly, very experienced guys, working efficiently, fast, demonstrating high quality of work. I am a very satisfied customer! "

Dishwasher Repair in Brooklyn

" My faith in people in general and in skilled workers in particular was greatly boosted after calling to Best Service Appliance Repair Appliances Services! Me and my wife are senior citizens . We got very upset when our dishwasher got broken. It did not drain. We called one company . The guy showed up, said that the dishwasher needs pump to be replaced and it will cost us $250. The price was too high for us to afford. We shopped around, calling different companies asking for the price but were not satisfied with any since prices were either too high, or we had to wait too long for the job to be done. Finally we called Best Service Appliance Repair. Two guys showed up, looked up my dishwasher and it was draining properly again! All they needed to do is to clean the drain! Those guys made my day and saved me a lot of money!

Thanks, guys! Do yourself a favour : call Best Service Appliance Repair Appliances services, if you have any problem w/ appliances in your home. "

Appliance Repair & Maintenance in Manhattan

" Very happy w/this company. Great service! I am working w/ Best Service Appliance Repair for many years already as a landlord who has an account w/ Best Service Appliance Repair to take care of my three buildings. The prices are very competitive and very fair. The response is very fast, usually same day service. All the repair technicians are very professional and friendly. Sometimes I just have a question, call them and they are always more than willing to give free advice when it is possible. I really appreciate that, since most of the companies are not doing that. Highly recommend Best Service Appliance Repair Appliances services to anybody who has problems with their appliances. "